Coffee packaging Machines

The packaged coffee in any form, with the same flavor of always

The Omag shrink wrap sachet ( in three or four sides ) for granular or powdery food products allow the correct maintenance of the coffee as well as the preservation of its aroma; the wide range of packaging machines for coffee ( C3 series and CS) allows to dose and pack:

  • coffee beans,
  • coffee powder,
  • coffee pods or filter paper ( espresso and American),
  • coffee in capsules or in three in one powder mixtures (sachets that contain coffee, milk and sugar).

coffee packaging machine

The extreme precision in dosing is guaranteed by the availability of different dispensers ( clochea or volumetric ), depending on the smoothness of the product, the dispenser, also, ensure a perfect result, and retain of all the cost , increasing thus the cheapness of Omag coffee packaging machines.

All machines used for packaging and storage of the coffee, as well as being functional and robust, can be also equipped with a mechanism for insufflation of inert gas, for a further safeguard of the coffee aroma.